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(Jun 15, 2019)
peekaboo!!! :o
(Mar 08, 2019)
I see in the LOTRO Twitter feed that they have been down for days
(Mar 08, 2019)
Is it me or are the lotro sites down?
(Nov 07, 2018)
Hi Thorns! i'm homesick! Hope all is well =)
(Mar 09, 2018)
Just saying hi! :-)
(Jan 11, 2018)
And yea hid your wives and daughters ;}~
(Jan 11, 2018)
Lots of old rep items, crafting items, and some odd-ball stuff.
(Jan 11, 2018)
Hello All!! Just got back in game today. I got a ton of old stuff i need to dump. If anyone has a newer toon they are working on, id be happy to send anything you need.
(Jan 08, 2018)
hey everyone been a while. il hopefully be logging in soon provided rl doesnt mess with my free time again. happy hunting!
(Apr 16, 2017)
Eo is coming back? Oh please! We've missed you! And we're ready to break into Mordor. You'll love it
(Apr 10, 2017)
Hi Eo :)
(Apr 10, 2017)
Yea, I'm waiting for a new PC for my epic comeback.
(Apr 10, 2017)
2 months later...
(Feb 10, 2017)
Random shout since it seems like not much is happening here recently
(Nov 30, 2016)
That was fun although in that final boss fight I have no idea what happened, my field of view was completely obscured by a cloud of black robes!
(Nov 30, 2016)
A rousing success, even with only five people. Thanks! (I also claim credit for the kill on the Gloom as I was launched through the air and bopped him on the head Mario Bros. style)
(Nov 25, 2016)
I threw an event on there for this coming Tuesday. Time for me to try and do Silent Street for the first time!
(Oct 24, 2016)
Hotfix update has been pushed back to Thursday, 10/26/16
(Aug 15, 2016)
If he hasn't already, Telp's about to be in the house! Don't let him get away without recruitment messages!
(Aug 04, 2016)
Thanks Jaz and Hibster for the mic assist!