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Mudhawk / Apr 26, 2011
Looking thru the old website, I realized we don't really need to copy much from the forums. The new Calendar function replaces a lot of that content.
Sections that have rules, guides and announcements will be copied. As well as casual sections like Other games and Kinship Library Discussion.
So its actually a lot easier than I thought.:D
Mudhawk / Apr 25, 2011
Our new hosts provide us with voice chat services. The software is called Mumble.
You can download it here.
We can run 10 users. Although that is a weird number. You would think 12 was the base number (cause of standard raid sizes).
Anyway, its a supplement to the existing Voice Chat in Lotro.
Right now for Thorns of Telperion Kinship members only.
Message me for Log On info. Make sure you indicate you Kinship name in message if you haven't registered with one that I can Identify easily.
Mudhawk / Apr 23, 2011
I've had it with Simple Machines Forums. While it has lasted our kinship for 4+ years, it had a lot of problems. I've decided its time to move on. I had an option of installing and using another framework or going with a hosted solution. Installing and maintaining a site is a little too much for me lately - since work is only getting busier.

Thus, MMOGuildsites enters the picture. Its a clean, simple interface. There is a fancier solution at GuildLaunch, but I thought I'd give this a shot first. I want to keep things simple for our members.

Let me know what you think.

As of right now registration is open. Just sign up and get going.
If you want to volunteer to help moderate the site, let me know.