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We now have Mumble Servers! Alternative to Ventrillo and Teamspeak.

Mudhawk / Apr 25, 2011
Our new hosts provide us with voice chat services. The software is called Mumble.
You can download it here.
We can run 10 users. Although that is a weird number. You would think 12 was the base number (cause of standard raid sizes).
Anyway, its a supplement to the existing Voice Chat in Lotro.
Right now for Thorns of Telperion Kinship members only.
Message me for Log On info. Make sure you indicate you Kinship name in message if you haven't registered with one that I can Identify easily.


By "we can run 10 users" do you mean that's the max number in a chat room at a time? Can more than one chat room be created to host more voices?
It means that we have 10 users at any given time.
Just read that they will be boosting the number to 25.
Are we promoting the use of this service? Should we be encouraging folks to use it, or just let some folks try it out and issue a verdict?
just for kinship. part of service regardless if we use it or not. hard to test it when you are only one running it :)
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