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Welcome to Thorns of Telperion!

izzy / May 20, 2012
I am Gnawdon, current leader of Thorns, and am happy to welcome you to this fantastic website, put together by our founders, Mudhawk and Telpehta. We are a rank 10 kin, in existence since beta, having celebrated our Fourteenth Anniversary in March 2021! Since the merger, we have been on the Crickhollow server.

For those of you who are new to us, Thorns is many things – diverse, respectful, family-friendly, fierce, casual and focused on positive relationships that really enhance our kin members’ gaming experience. We solo, we group, we craft, we level, we bring down the biggest bosses in the game. Every one of us contributes to the kin, and to the fun that is LotRO - we’re glad you’re here, and look forward to experiencing what YOU have to offer!

Please take some time to explore the this site – check out Kin Groups, take a look at the Forums and enjoy our Screenie Gallery. Our Class Guides and So You Want to Raid?? sections are currently under revision to reflect recent updates. Now... sign up for an Event and we look forward to getting to know you in-game!

We are proud members (and co-founders) of the Windfola Alliance, an alliance of kins who share a chat channel and website for the purpose of enhanced opportunities for grouping. Once your recruitment period has been completed, you will be given access to the chat channel. Feel free to sign up for the Windfola Alliance website at any time.

Once, again, we WELCOME you, and look forward to getting to know you in-game!


P.S. if you are a Windfola Alliance member looking for the WA website, please go HERE.


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