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izzy / Feb 20, 2012
Effective Sunday, March 4, all Alliance Accounts on this website have been deactivated.

However, please do register at the new Windfola Alliance website. You can use your Alliance login info to sign up or comment on Thorns events that are open for Alliance participation. Message Laulraen or Mudhawk on the Alliance website with any questions or concerns.


We are pleased and proud to announce the opening of a new Windfola Alliance website, solely dedicated to serving the alliance of member kins!

Until now, Thorns of Telperion has hosted, and shared, the Alliance website. This was an experiment designed to support the growing Alliance membership. With 22 member kins, and the growing number of events on the Calendar, the Alliance has grown to a point that clearly supports a dedicated website!

To that point, and effective immediately, all Alliance users must migrate to the new Windfola Alliance website – designed by Mudhawk <ToT> and with gracious current technical support of Dinendae <Kindred>.

**ALL WINDFOLA ALLIANCE MEMBERS MUST REGISTER ON THE NEW SITE! Please follow registration instructions and naming conventions (each name MUST be followed by kin name) as described on the home page!**

Make the move today, and we’ll see you on the beautiful new WINDFOLA ALLIANCE site!


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