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Windfola Alliance Gazette Issue 1 Vol 1

Mudhawk / Sep 17, 2011

Welcome to the 1st issue of our WA Gazette.

The Alliance was a concept started several years ago - the site has gone through 3 different iterations. Each version getting better and better. Likewise with the membership.

Kins like Knights of Rivendell, Boundary Wardens, and The Watch have entered our ranks in the last few months and we have a seen tremendous growth in activity.

What makes it work is the people who are willing to go beyond their kins to create great events for all. Kudos to all of you folks that have set up and led events. It's a great feeling to see the Events Calendar filled up with lots of listings.

As a reminder, anyone can set up an event. If you have always wanted to lead a raid, but were a bit shy about doing so, rest assured - we are all in this to have fun. If it doesn't go well, try again. It's part of the game. Ask advice from our members on the site or in our chat.

If there are Kinships that would like a Windfola Alliance Badge added to their banners, let me know. I can set one up for you guys. If you don't have a banner, I will be happy to design one for you. My gift to the Kins that make this Alliance the best this server has to offer.


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