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Thornbook Issue 2, Vol 1.

Mudhawk / Sep 02, 2011
Kinship Merger!

I am extremely honored to announce the joinng of The Stonecutters with our kinship. Starting tonight Eomaxum and others of his kinsmen have agreed to join our ranks. Most of you already know the Stonecutters well. We have a long standing friendship between our kinships - Eo's even joined us in our Anniversary celebration - his favorite event was The Breetown Drag Race :)

Thanks to everyone in the Thorns for continuing to represent our kinship in the best possible manner.

Look sharp and Mingle!


Welcome Stonecutters! I know this is probably a tough thing for you all in some ways, but we are thrilled to have you amongst us! I hope we can make you feel comfortable and at home!

Oh and, be sure and click the keg, it's delicious! Also, the pool. <_<
SO glad to have all of our Stonecutter friends! Welcome!
:D Awesome and welcome!
dear god, i really need to login more often in this case x.x
Seeing Eo, Mildrede, Reb, Busa, Egat, et al, in kinchat is one of the neatest things to happen in LOTRO in ages! - no more "kissing cousins" - we are all family! -- now that I think of it, that calls for a celebration - time for some wine :)
Thank you all so much so such a great invite.. but i had no dought that joining ToT would be a great thing. All of you guys and gals are awsome people... my only questions is.. Luin do you REALLY want me to start drinking wine??? Things may get a bit.. umm... interesting at that point. >:)
welcome !! huh that could be bad?
Def glad you guys joined up!
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