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ThornBook - The Thorns of Telperion Newsletter

Mudhawk / Aug 30, 2011
Issue 1. Vol. 1

The omens were there - hurricanes, earthquakes all sorts of natural disasters... Thorns of Telperion has changed its leadership. Telpehta has stepped down as lead, and as such is our practice, I've assumed the mantle. (It Needs a good wash). Telp will be around, eventually, but his RealLife commitments will keep him out of game for a bit.

I'm thrilled with the growth we have experienced recently. I promise to group with each and everyone one of you. The remarkable thing is we have not just increased in numbers, but in quality. Hopefully the kinship will live up to your expectations.

I encourage you to use the kinsite as much as possible. Anyone registered can set up an event. We also have mumble Servers (a voice client) with our website. Right now we have 10 user license, I will bump that up to 25 or more if the users increase.

We will be sending out a Newsletter regularly. If you have any topics you would like to cover, send me an email.

Look Sharp & Mingle


One key unmentioned element of this leadership change: Mud is timelier with his newsletters!
XD telp
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