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izzy / May 20, 2012
I am Gnawdon, current leader of Thorns, and am happy to welcome you to this fantastic website, put together by our founders, Mudhawk and Telpehta. We are a rank 10 kin, in existence since beta, having celebrated our Fourteenth Anniversary in March 2021! Since the merger, we have been on the Crickhollow server.

For those of you who are new to us, Thorns is many things – diverse, respectful, family-friendly, fierce, casual and focused on positive relationships that really enhance our kin members’ gaming experience. We solo, we group, we craft, we level, we bring down the biggest bosses in the game. Every one of us contributes to the kin, and to the fun that is LotRO - we’re glad you’re here, and look forward to experiencing what YOU have to offer!

Please take some time to explore the this site – check out Kin Groups, take a look at the Forums and enjoy our Screenie Gallery. Our Class Guides and So You Want to Raid?? sections are currently under revision to reflect recent updates. Now... sign up for an Event and we look forward to getting to know you in-game!

We are proud members (and co-founders) of the Windfola Alliance, an alliance of kins who share a chat channel and website for the purpose of enhanced opportunities for grouping. Once your recruitment period has been completed, you will be given access to the chat channel. Feel free to sign up for the Windfola Alliance website at any time.

Once, again, we WELCOME you, and look forward to getting to know you in-game!


P.S. if you are a Windfola Alliance member looking for the WA website, please go HERE.
izzy / Feb 20, 2012
Effective Sunday, March 4, all Alliance Accounts on this website have been deactivated.

However, please do register at the new Windfola Alliance website. You can use your Alliance login info to sign up or comment on Thorns events that are open for Alliance participation. Message Laulraen or Mudhawk on the Alliance website with any questions or concerns.


We are pleased and proud to announce the opening of a new Windfola Alliance website, solely dedicated to serving the alliance of member kins!

Until now, Thorns of Telperion has hosted, and shared, the Alliance website. This was an experiment designed to support the growing Alliance membership. With 22 member kins, and the growing number of events on the Calendar, the Alliance has grown to a point that clearly supports a dedicated website!

To that point, and effective immediately, all Alliance users must migrate to the new Windfola Alliance website – designed by Mudhawk <ToT> and with gracious current technical support of Dinendae <Kindred>.

**ALL WINDFOLA ALLIANCE MEMBERS MUST REGISTER ON THE NEW SITE! Please follow registration instructions and naming conventions (each name MUST be followed by kin name) as described on the home page!**

Make the move today, and we’ll see you on the beautiful new WINDFOLA ALLIANCE site!
Mudhawk / Sep 17, 2011

Welcome to the 1st issue of our WA Gazette.

The Alliance was a concept started several years ago - the site has gone through 3 different iterations. Each version getting better and better. Likewise with the membership.

Kins like Knights of Rivendell, Boundary Wardens, and The Watch have entered our ranks in the last few months and we have a seen tremendous growth in activity.

What makes it work is the people who are willing to go beyond their kins to create great events for all. Kudos to all of you folks that have set up and led events. It's a great feeling to see the Events Calendar filled up with lots of listings.

As a reminder, anyone can set up an event. If you have always wanted to lead a raid, but were a bit shy about doing so, rest assured - we are all in this to have fun. If it doesn't go well, try again. It's part of the game. Ask advice from our members on the site or in our chat.

If there are Kinships that would like a Windfola Alliance Badge added to their banners, let me know. I can set one up for you guys. If you don't have a banner, I will be happy to design one for you. My gift to the Kins that make this Alliance the best this server has to offer.
Mudhawk / Sep 02, 2011
Kinship Merger!

I am extremely honored to announce the joinng of The Stonecutters with our kinship. Starting tonight Eomaxum and others of his kinsmen have agreed to join our ranks. Most of you already know the Stonecutters well. We have a long standing friendship between our kinships - Eo's even joined us in our Anniversary celebration - his favorite event was The Breetown Drag Race :)

Thanks to everyone in the Thorns for continuing to represent our kinship in the best possible manner.

Look sharp and Mingle!
Mudhawk / Aug 30, 2011
Issue 1. Vol. 1

The omens were there - hurricanes, earthquakes all sorts of natural disasters... Thorns of Telperion has changed its leadership. Telpehta has stepped down as lead, and as such is our practice, I've assumed the mantle. (It Needs a good wash). Telp will be around, eventually, but his RealLife commitments will keep him out of game for a bit.

I'm thrilled with the growth we have experienced recently. I promise to group with each and everyone one of you. The remarkable thing is we have not just increased in numbers, but in quality. Hopefully the kinship will live up to your expectations.

I encourage you to use the kinsite as much as possible. Anyone registered can set up an event. We also have mumble Servers (a voice client) with our website. Right now we have 10 user license, I will bump that up to 25 or more if the users increase.

We will be sending out a Newsletter regularly. If you have any topics you would like to cover, send me an email.

Look Sharp & Mingle
Mudhawk / May 02, 2011
Today, we welcome The Watch as our 21st Kinship.
The WA has been adding great folks to our community.
A lot of you may already know Ashian. Ashian has been a member of the Thorns for a short time (on his Alt Ashien) and has been a great partner to many of us in the Ettenmoors.
Join me in welcoming our new comrades-in-arms.